December 6, 2016  |  The SEO Hero

We’re Ranking For SEO Hero! is participating in the WIX SEO Hero challenge; a dare to those SEO specialists out there who think they could rank higher for they keyword “SEO Hero” for three days starting on March 13, 2017. The reward is $50,000 and is going to give WIX a run for their money. The competition will take an average over three days, collecting which domain in the running ranks higher for the specific keyword recorded twice a day; once at 12 P.M. EST and again at 8 P.M EST.

What We’re After.

We’re after fame & fortune, of course! is not really after the bounty the contest winner is awarded, if there is a winner, but more specifically in reaping the rewards in building an authoritative, content producing, site for the whole SEO community to benefit from. We want to display to the world that properly preparing a site is important to ranking well in search engines and relying on the services of WIX, or other drag-and-drop website builders, might be a determent.

We Gon’ Do It! And How!

This FAST, RESPONSIVE, & SECURE website will just be the foundation to the sucess of this project. Beyond providing great articles on how to rank your domain within specific niches, we will also be publishing a series called SEO Hero; articles which will highlight prolific SEO professionals and their super hero powers for opimizing rankings within search engines. If you, or your company, have a hero you find that needs to be noticed wants to hear about it! You can reach out to us on our Contact page.