Google Integrates Phone Numbers In Localizing Ad Impressions

Google AdWords recently informed a handful of customers, ones which were implementing location & call extensions, that phone numbers within localized ad impressions might be identified by the phone number of the specific business location rather than the defined phone number within the AdWords campaign.

This can present problems to businesses which rely on centralized call locations which track sale conversions within particular campaigns. With this said, Google informed these customers within this specific email that:

when your ads show a business location, calls may be directed to the phone number associated with that business location – even if a different phone number is used in your call extension.

This change within the algorithm will be implemented on January 19, 2017.

To effectively transition into these changes, Google recommends that businesses which target their ads with either call or location extensions to ensure that each location has the proper phone number within Google My Business services.

Extending NAP into AdWords

SEOs have been adamant about proper NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) implementation for years now; ever since the popularization of local search. This specific AdWords update, which integrates phone numbers from Google My Business into AdWord campaigns, ideally highlights the importance of the practice and preservation of NAP.

Personally, I find that this will not only be a strain on businesses which use third-party campaign call tracking services, it can also be a marker for how consistent a NAP appears across the entire web. Which, in tale, thus possiblly adding a new metric to measure across localized marketing. The hypothesized metric; one which questions consistency of NAP across advertisement spaces.

Localizing Ad Impressions

So what is this going to change?

Well, for businesses which have integrated specific phone numbers within their advertisement campaigns which differ from a defined business location; a new alternative might need to be approached when collecting statistics regarding call conversions.

As for now, to optimize localized ad impressions properly, it would be best for businesses to keep their NAP consistent across the web, including all of the services in which Google provides.

If you would like to know more about the up-and-coming Google algorithm changes, go ahead and check out Google Algorithm Updates for 2017.

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