Google Algorithm Updates 2017

This is a comprehensive list of the Google algorithm updates for 2017. This will be updated once officially announced by Google, or assumed by the professional community.

The timeline below will cover individual dates, as well as, time frames to highlight specific instances throughout 2017 in where an update within the Google algorithm has been implemented.

The 2017 Google Algorithm Update Timeline

January 10, 2017

Google SEO Penalties: Intrusive Mobile Popups

This particular signal is to make content on pages more accessible to users and have defined that certain instances which might deter away from this notion: showing a popup that covers the main content, presenting an interstitial in which users must dismiss before accessing the main content, and using above the fold content which appears as an interstitial while the main content is below the fold.

Click here to read more about the intrusive mobile popup penalty.

January 19, 2017

AdWords Integrates Phone Numbers; Localizing Ad Impressions

Google AdWords is going to be implementing a new metric on January 19 which might use phone numbers within Google My Business to be displayed in ads, even if you have defined a business phone number within the ad campaign. This affects businesses which use central call centers to handle phone calls; which is often a great practice in determining statistics on inbound calls.

Click here to read more about the AdWords Integrates Phone Numbers; Localizing Ad Impressions penalty.